Husbands ways piss me off


My husband is 42 and I’m 29. He hates computers and anything to do with them especially when they don’t work properly. We recently had to put our dog down and we are searching for a new one. I found a super cute one online that we were going to go look at this weekend. She did let me know that she only accepts cash app and Venmo for the payment.

Now he is refusing to deal with her because she won’t accept cash and he thinks this should all be done in cash. 🤬😡😡 he won’t bend on this at all!!! He freaking pisses me off with his dinosaur age tendencies!! This is the norm now and he thinks it’s stupid. He won’t even pay his bills online they all get paid in cash in person. He’s like “well you knew this was how I was when you married me” well yeah but we do things for our significant other sometimes that we don’t really want to do.

I am not trying to change his ways by any means but I just wish he would bend or do something different to make me happy just once...end rant.