my husband “left me” and came back home 😂😂

My husband is the biggest bully I have ever seen. He emotionally and verbally abuses me everytime since the past four years that we have been married. Everytime he fights with me, I ALWAYS apologise to him because I don’t want any trouble and I don’t want him to go days without speaking to me. On Monday, he put our newborn baby at risk and I told him my mind about how I felt about him doing that! As usual, he called me “disrespectful”! My husband since then stopped speaking to me. Usually I would go to him to apologise even though he is at wrong, but this time around, I have had enough so I didn’t and I wouldn’t apologise. Yesterday, he sent me a text message saying “just for the record, tomorrow morning I am taking my bag with me to work and I am not coming back home again”. I ignored the text message and carried on with my day. I went to use the toilet and saw that as usual, he used the toilet without flushing... I always flush and clean up everything after him... I didn’t flush the toilet this time around so in turn I wrote a note saying “for the record, flush the toilet and clean up after yourself before leaving”... an hour or so later, he saw the note and he came screaming down the roof at me... I pretended as if I didn’t notice him lol I remained on my phone and I was just laughing. He then said “I hope you got my message, I am leaving you tomorrow. I’ll marry another wife from Africa who would respect me and not talk back at me like you do”. I said “ok bye”. I’m sure he must have been so shocked because usually when he says that, I start begging him not to leave me. The next morning, he left for work with a suitcase of his things 😂😂 I didn’t say anything... I just carried on breastfeeding our son. This evening my husband came back home with his suitcase looking like an idiot loooooool... I’m sure he must have felt embarrassed when I bursted out laughing. I refuse to be taken for granted because I’m afraid of raising our kids alone... I would rather show my daughter that she shouldn’t tolerate such behaviour from any significant other! He is still not talking to me, but right now I do not care