Unpopular opinion

This is not a diss at these women. Not at all. If anything, I think they just deserve better

It is sooo odd to me when girls constantly tag their SOs in posts about hinting around to get engaged. Constantly. Or they joke about how they won’t propose. Some are just light fun & joking. I get that. There’s at least three girls on my social media who post about it all the time. Who make it very clear they want to be engaged/married and they’re not. One of the girls post & complain at least twice a month about it.

So they’ve clearly had the talk, the men know what they want & they’re just not proposing for whatever reason. It’s just weird to me.. if they don’t want to get married they should make it clear. Or like my BIL. He wants kids. He LOVES kids. His gf is anti kids. All the way. Which is fine, she has the right but why are they still together? I get people can change their minds but they both feel SO strongly about it. It’s sad. One will end up settling. A women becoming a mother when she never wanted to, or a man never getting to have children when it’s all he’s wanted.

To clarify- I do not  insert myself in anyone’s relationship. I don’t give any options to them. Not my place. I don’t say anything. I’m posting here anonymously on purpose lol my intent is not to upset or offend anyone. Just starting a conversation lol