Help 😭

So yesterday was cycle day 38 (my longest cycle yet besides a previous pregnancy) and I for sure thought I was pregnant, felt exactly how I did with my first (I didn’t find out I was pregnant til cycle day 47 with her). Well very late last night I felt like I had some discharge and wiped and there was some darker blood, then I had a few spots of bright red blood like my period, but my period is typically very heavy and I normally have a lot cramping with it. So I put a tampon in just in case and went to bed. It’s 3:30 now and when I changed the tampon there’s hardly any blood and it’s dark like old blood. Is it possible this was maybe early pregnancy spotting? Or am I just wishfully hoping this isn’t my period? I just truly do feel like I’m pregnant and it’s devastating me that I might not be now. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens for the rest of today 😭😩