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Justice • son born 12-9-16👦 missed miscarriage 7-12-17 at 10 weeks👼 blighted ovum 2-5-18👼baby girl born 11-25-18👧

Hey girls, my name is Justice. I have had 3 babies in the span of 3 years and I was 220 at the end of my last 2 pregnancies and 206 after delivery. I’m 5’2”. I have previously gotten down to 158 before the pandemic hit in 6 weeks but I stress ate and went back up to 186 and have been working my butt off the past 4 days to get back to where I was. I’m down 10 pounds in 4 days. I do strict keto and I’m working out every night. If anyone is interested in following my journey on Instagram my username is williamdoll_2021 I am getting a tummy tuck and bbl January 25,2021 with Dr. William and am working to get to my lowest weight possible for the best results. If anyone needs some motivation or would like to just watch my transformation go ahead and follow me! I would love the motivation as well and keep myself on track 💕 left is me at 206 my highest. And right is me at my lowest yet 158. I’m currently 176 and dropping.