Trying to be an adult woman living at home


Hi guys, I’m 22 and for most of my life my parents have been pretty strict (mainly my dad) long story short I got out of a really bad relationship this year and am now dating a great guy I met at school and my sister is friends with him. I want to invite him to my house to meet my family and to chill in my room and have fun. I was never allowed to bring my ex to my room but when I asked my mom if it was cool to bring this guy to my room she said yes but she’d want to meet and talk to him a little first and that this is “uncharted territory” for her which is completely fair.

I really care about this new guy and I want to ask him to be my boyfriend. My problem is that my parents don’t want me to move out but I’m currently on the job hunt with the intention of saving enough to get an apartment. In the mean time, I need advice on establishing independence since I am a young woman but I’m still living at home. Please give me advice but I don’t need to be lectured on “their house their rules”. Thank you