Should I temporarily stop talking to my friend?

I need some advice here, and please no harsh comments, this is a sensitive topic for me

This is going to be a bit long, so I really appreciate anyone who makes it thru.

I have a friend- maybe not the greatest friend, but I’ve known her my whole life and I consider her one of my bestfriends. I am considering cutting her out of my life, because she keeps bringing up her daughters milestones, and comparing her baby to mine and it’s causing a lot of anxiety for me.

Background- I have a 2 year old son who was recently diagnosed with autism. I took the diagnosis probably as bad as i could. The news literally broke my heart, and I am not in a good place mentally right now. I feel like once I accept my sons diagnosis, I will be ok, but I’m still processing it, and kind of grieving the life I thought he would have. I am currently on medication and seeing a therapist

My daughter is 12 months and my worries have now gone to her. She seems to be showing a lot of traits my son had, and I am really losing my mind over this, and I feel she may have autism as well.

My friend has a daughter whose a month younger than mine, and her daughter seems to be advanced, or maybe developing typically, i honestly don’t know. So she he always sending me videos of her daughter saying new words, and talking about how social and advanced she is. I am truly happy for her, but at the same time, I am so upset it seems I am going down this path again. I deleted all my social media accounts because something so small, such as a picture of kid pointing to a leaf, is enough to have me crying all day.

Yes, I know this sounds crazy. I know I am not well.

I have basically decided i need to completely shut myself out. I told my friend I really didn’t want to discuss milestones because my daughter isn’t doing so great and everything is a constant reminder. She doesn’t seem to get it tho, and keeps asking how many words my daughter has, is she pointing yet is she waving and on and on. Asking a million questions about her development. I know she does it for comparison purposes because she keeps telling me how much “better her daughter is than all her nieces and nephews”

So my question is- can I stop talking to her temporarily? I don’t want to completely lose her friendship, but at the same time honestly I am too fucked up right now to talk to anyone. She is someone who I talk to regularly, literally everyday, so I don’t even know how to go about “breaking up” with her.

I feel like once I can accept my sons diagnosis, and find some kind of peace in my daughters development, I can go back to regular life but right now I am really mentally struggling