Send prayers

The doctor I'm seeing Friday will be the last doctor I go to for endo. I'm praying they will help me and give me what I need. This will be number 8 and I'm exhausted explaining everything again and again. I've heard this and that:

"Well you wait 10 yrs and you can get a hysterectomy."

"So you just have severe cramps?!"

"You're a little young."

"This isn't my problem."

"Well at least you don't have urinary issues."

"Are you sure?"

"Have you seen a therapist?"

"This doesn't sound like me."

"If you don't want an implant then there's nothing more I can do."

And it's so discouraging, at this point I'm willing to wait in that office as long as I need to to get them to understand the severity of things. My body's screaming for help and everyone's brushing it off like nothing is happening.

Update: Cancelled because of covid so it'll be a year until I go, I didn't have high hopes anyway.