Fertility treatment

So I just had my baseline fertility testing last week after trying for nearly 2 years to get pregnant (and add in a few of those months thanks to a covid slowdown). My husband and I learned both our numbers are great and there’s really no issues or reason why we have not been able to conceive.

During my baseline testing, they had me on the clomid challenge to boost my egg follicles. So I went in today for an ultrasound as I’m due to ovulate soon and I was told i responded TOO well to the clomid and have several large follicles. My doctor suggested we abstain from trying to conceive this month due to a heightened risk of possible multiples. I get it, but it seems counterintuitive and after all these months I’m getting impatient. To be unable to get pregnant and then told you have all these great eggs but you shouldn’t try this month is so frustrating. Has anyone else had this happen? And if you continued with fertility treatments what else did you have to do and how long did it take for your miracle to happen?

I just keep waiting my turn and hearing this news this morning had me happy that everything looks great and then threw me off.

Thanks for listening xoxo