Growth scan


Last week for my 30 week appointment the nurse practitioner measured me (routine check with measuring tape) and pointed out that I’m just under 32 cm. I had been measuring ahead apparently the past time too. I asked what my measurements should be like and she couldn’t really tell me, she just said I’m measuring slightly under 33 and that we needed to do an ultrasound growth scan to see how big the baby is. Everything I searched online says for 30 weeks anywhere from 28-32 cm is normal. So today is my ultrasound and I’m so nervous. I’m so scared that my baby is a big baby. She also asked my the reason for my c section (1st pregnancy) I told her it was due to face presentation, meaning her neck was bent and her face was coming out first. She was only 8lbs 8 oz. my second baby was a vbac weighing 7 lbs 14oz he was a gd baby and they had scared me saying he would most likely be a big baby 9 lbs or more. Anyway I’m so nervous for today I would just like to hear anyone’s stories regarding measuring big. Btw I don’t have GD this time.