Sex after Miscarriage


I started bleed November 8, went into the obgyn and was told I was starting to miscarry. I passed the baby on the 12th of November. And stopped bleeding November 18. November 23 I got a ultrasound to check if everything passed. She claimed I still had retaining tissue and prescribed me to cytotec. I took that November 24. I took 1 dose every 6 hours for a day. Not much happened. Went in December 30th for another ultrasound. She said my cervix was open and that it look like tissue was still there. So she took my blood work to check my hcg levels and it came out negative. My levels are at 0. So she looked at my ultrasound and said it’s just blood that will evacuate on its own. I did start taking ovulation test last week. They were all negative up until Monday the 30th. Monday the 30th my ovulation test came out positive. I’m supposed to wait to get pregnant again until my first cycle ends. Which I get. She never answered me though when I asked her if I could have sex now, protected of course, until my first cycle ends. To be quite honest, the doctor I saw wasn’t very great and was very poor at answering questions and communicating. Based on what I’ve been through, when will it be safe to have sex again (protected until after my cycle)?