No longer feel fetal movement at 19 weeks.


Hello everybody, this is my first pregnancy and I was wondering if this is normal? I started feeling fluttering on my lower left side from 16 weeks and it gradually got stronger up until the end if 18 weeks and at 19 weeks today I haven't felt my little one move at all. I was told by parameducs yesterday to go to hospital because of really bad upper stomach cramps which made me vomit. All of my obs came back normal and my blood tests were fine. They felt my uterus and said it was feeling normal for this stage my pregnancy but couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat with a stephoscope. They told me that the cramps were most likely from muscle spasms and assured me that the baby was fine. They would not do a ultra sound or listen to the heartbeat through a doppler. They just sent me home and told me to rest. Has anybody else experienced reduced fetal movement at this stage? Also when I sit up I feel minor cramps in my lower abdomen but goes after a second. Am I right to be worried?