Can we talk about baby names for a second?

Chelsea • Wife 💍 to hubs of 10 years & mommy to our 3 y.o. boy 👦, pregnant with baby # 2

So I finally found a girl name that I like. I like 20 million boy names so I’m not worried about it. Besides I knew I was having a boy the first time before I found out gender. This time I know it’s a girl, same strange yet interesting sixth sense I have.

Anyhoo, it’s a probability our daughter could have red hair. My mom has red hair, my grandmother has red hair, I have a dark blonde-ish reddish hair color naturally. I tend to keep it dyed blonde. My mom likes the actress Rita Hayworth, who has red hair. She starred in the movie Gilda (Gill - da pronunciation). Gill like you would say fish gill not pronounced with a J, just to be clear. Then I was thinking Rita like Margarita but a little more refined like Marguerite. So I came up with Gilda Marguerite.

Gilda in Gaelic means servant of God, coated with gold. I like the childhood nickname idea, Gillie. Gilly are the fishing rules in Ireland and Scotland. My name is Chelsea which means port of ships. So I figure I’ll be the port and she can be the fishing rules lol. Think it’s cute. Tried to present this to my husband and he’s indifferent. But he hates everything. At first I was like, Gilda? But then it stuck with me, and it’s unique enough and pretty enough but timeless and classy. Not trendy, which I like. Not real cutesy. It’s something she can grow into, as a woman, even an old woman. I think I’m kind of over the whole trendy name thing like Kinsley, Kinley, Brynley, and the whole boy names for girls, like Blake or James etc.