Transfer day TOMORROW 🥺💜 Feb 1st

Tashy 🌈 ✨ • Ttc for 2 years , 3 failed iui cycles , 2 Early miscarriages thru IVF 😖 , 2embryo-babies left , rainbow baby coming 2021 🌈 ✨MANIFESTING ✨

Need all the baby dust and praying tonight for tomorrow morning , tomorrow will be the last time I will be transferring. I will be transferring two embryos 😖 . I’m feeling all the emotion , SCARED , ANXIOUS, EXCITED, etc ... I don’t know if I’m so sick to my stomach bcuz I know it’s my last go or .. but I have trust in my body , and I trust that I am capable !! What’s meant to be will be and what’s not won’t .