Is it weird to use this name? See description below


I like a name. My cousin/best friend has a really close friend who has a daughter named this same name. I am not friends with her, don’t follow her on social media and have really never even had a conversation with her. But I do see her at my cousin’s kids birthday parties, that’s really the only time I ever see her and even then we do not speak or talk as I don’t really know her. Should I still use the name or not? I come from a very small town where the ppl are really weird about “copying” names and petty stuff like that. I moved and live 45 minutes away now but all my family still lives there. Also, side 6 year old daughter chose this name for the baby and has her heart set on us naming the baby that. I think it’s a super cute name too so we have added it to our list and it’s becoming my favorite name on our list. Just curious what others think on this.

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