Anyone else having cycle issues lately?


Sorry in advance for the long post. My cycle is usually around 32-34 days long. Last year around september I had one 40 day cycle which freaked me out but all was fine. Then they went back to 32 days as usual. Now it is Feb. 1st and I did not have a period at all in Jan. Glow had me starting on the 25th but if I count my cycle days it should have started around the 28th. So I'm not terribly late but a bit. I thought my period was gunna start two days ago. I had sex and after I had just the slightest amount of pink on the tp but nothing more. I did have sex a week prior to and after glow said I was ovulating in Jan, but since I haven't been <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> I can't be sure when I ovulated. I plan to test this weekend if my period is still a no show. I had on and off very mild cramping Friday and Saturday but I have also been extremely constipated. Has anyone else had longer cycles recently for no reason or experienced extremely light spotting with no period?