Recurrent loss blood panel results - new protocol


Hey ladies. Just had another call from my consultant and majority of my results have now come back. So from only having a mild male factor to begin with I have now also been told that I am:

1. Heterozygous for Factor V Leiden mutation (inherited Thrombophilia - increased risk of recurrent micarriage/placental abnormalities/stillbirth/preeclampsia/preterm labour/birth defects)

2. Heterozygous for MTHFR mutation (poor metabolism of folate i. e. puts the baby at risk of spina bifida/other birth defects)

3. Raised thyroid peroxidase antibodies (potentially Hashimoto - increased risk of early miscarriage)

4. Antinuclear antibodies (ANA - increased risk of recurrent miscarriage).

Still awaiting the results for PAI1 (not sure what that means yet).

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about all of this, I think I’m a bit nervous about my next FET now. He has change my protocol now and I will now be taking Oral Oestradiol from cycle day 1 (8mg per day for first 10 days, then 6mg afterwards), Inhixa injections 40mg (equivalent of Lovenox) from cycle day 1 (if pregnant will have to take daily throughout entire pregnancy and until 6 weeks after birth), Lubion injections daily from cycle day 14 and if pregnant until 12 weeks, Utrogestan vaginal pessaries 3 times a day from cycle day 14 and if pregnant until 12 weeks, increased strength Folic Acid from cycle day one and if pregnant through out entire pregnancy + Pregnacare Max from cycle day 1 daily through out entire pregnancy.

I have also asked him about possibility of adding Prednisolone to the mix (it’s a steroid which I have read good stuff about that’s normally prescribed for autoimmune issues) but he said due to Covid they are not allowed to prescribe it as it puts patient at high risk for serious Covid complications).

I guess I just wanted to ask you lovely ladies if any of you had similar issues and protocols and would love to hear your stories if you are willing to share. And also is there anything else I should be asking him about or any additional medication that could increase the success rate?

And also if anybody would be so kind to please keep me and my little frozen jelly bean in your prayers I would be extremely grateful.

I’ll be receiving all my meds tomorrow and period due on Friday so still hoping to start this FET cycle then.

Thank you so much everyone for reading, I know it’s very long. Love to you all ❤️.