This is frustrating

I have no signs of baby coming 😫 no contractions no period cramps no back pain . 😭

Im 38 weeks and 1 day

Trying for a vbac and they told me its a higher risk i will end up in csection if they induce me if he doesn’t come on its own.

First one arrived at 37 weeks and 6 days by himself but ended up in csection because his heartbeat was dropping .

I know baby will come when ready and I’ve tried the raspberry leaf tea and i will be buying a ball now to try that.

I just wished i will feel a sign

Or me being next with my water braking . YAYAYYAY but no here i am with literally no symptoms / signs except pelvic pain that I’ve had since the end of my second trimester.

Yup im tired of not being able to do nothing i just want to hold /cuddle /breastfeed / change him / get no sleep / . IM READY 🤣and oh have my body back , walk without pain eat what i want, be able to go to target without feeling like crap because of how uncomfortable i feel lol /

Okay im done