Hey guys. So for the past two weeks my bfs family hasn’t left the house at all. I still asked him to get a covid test just cuz my dad is super high risk. It was neg. and I’m seeing him Thursday. His mom is seeing two of her friends on Thursday (coincidently I freaking know) but outdoors and all wearing masks. Ik she’s super safe but this still gives me anxiety.

Ugh Ik I sound crazy but why am I anxious all over again. I’m spending the night so I’m sure the mom will make dinner (after the friends leave) and we’d sit together and eat dinner.

IFFFFF she were to catch anything, would she be able to spread it to me in that 24 hours of being there? (I wouldn’t be exposed to the two friends directly at all). I’ll prolly try avoiding the mom but obvi can’t at the dinner table when we’re all next to each other.

Plz let me know what you guys think.... would I be protected?