Baby foods ?

Ahjah • Boy girl mama 10.06.20💙09.03.21💖

So I got the okay to feed my son baby food but I been seeing a lot of heavy metals in a lot of known high brand baby food such as Gerber , Beech Nut , <a href="">Nurture</a> inc Etc . My 4 month only baby is being funny with his formula now don’t know if he’s tired of it or what.. but I wanna try something new but I’m scared because online it says it hasn’t been recalled and a lot of woman still use it on their babies ! So I’m just trying to be on the safe side I do have some beech nut and gerber baby foods but don’t wanna use it if it will harm my little one ! Any suggestions?? Would it be okay to give him ? FTM here and pregnant with second so need to know 😫