Pregnant again !

Ahjah • Boy girl mama 10.06.20💙09.03.21💖

I’m 13 weeks pregnant again with my second baby and i been having a lot of issues with this pregnancy since I found out ! My body is weak , I’m always tired but can’t sleep because my 4 month old takes like 30 min naps and I still have to tend to the house cooking and cleaning ! I was on bedrest for a big bleed out I had 2 large SCH and i been so sickkk like literally I throw up everyday .. with my son I threw up once in the beginning and never no issues with him .. this baby is putting me thru it and I just don’t know how to cope .. it’s still been hard accepting this pregnancy and connecting to this baby because of how I been feeling and still bonding with my 4 month old . It’s stressful .. any other moms with Irish twins ? Can tell me they story and how they felt better about the second pregnancy 😩