What a day!

Kelsey • 2/23/21 💕🎀

I had my 35w 3D check up today. I’ve been dealing with high BP as well as swelling and major headaches for over a week now. Upon going to my appointment my OB sent me to the hospital to do some bloodwork and be monitored. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia as well as when they did a cervix check I was 4cm dilated! They admitted me so now I’m in the hospital for a 24 hour hold to monitor. If my BP doesn’t come down I will end up being induced. My body is thankfully progressing on its own and knows what to do so it isn’t as painful! Since my cervix check again tonight I’m in the early stages of 5cm dilated and now having brown bloody discharge (seems to be my mucus plug starting to come out little by little) my baby girl seems to be healthy but taking precautions just in case. So I told my husband I’m betting she will make an early arrival within the next few days! We have an ultrasound in the morning to check her out and make sure everything is doing good!