Am I wrong here?

I wasn't able to have a job because of no one being able to watch my children. My boyfriend/ kids father promised to support my half of the bills. Now that I've been offered a job that pays more than his, and have child care situated.He wants to stay home now and have his half supported, because that's "only fair". I only got a job to help with bills not take them over fully. But he doesn't see it that way and thinks I'm being unfair.

I'm not the best communicator so how can I put this in away he'll understand.


He literally told me he wants me to suffer and feel what he felt having to be the only one with a job and everyone depended on him

The child care situation is I work mon-friday 9-5 he would stay home monday-wednesday to watch the kids but go to work Thursday-saturday because my mom will watch them Thursday Friday and me Saturday sunday