This pregnancy belt is amazing


Okay y’all, so I have been having such bad lower back pain with this pregnancy. Baby girl is measuring big and is sitting low, so my lower back is taking a beating. I did a lot of research and picked this belt and I’m so glad I did!!

It works amazingly well and I now recommend it to everyone for every stage of pregnancy. I wish I had ordered it sooner! I also ordered a little wedge to put under my belly while I sleep on my side and I didn’t expect it to make such a big difference!

I’ve been feeling like the weight of her pulls me onto my stomach slightly and made my acid reflux worse and this helps a lot. Both I got on amazon. The belt I just searched "pregnancy belt" and the wedge I searched "pregnancy belly wedge". I’m 190lbs, 5’7 and 27 weeks pregnant. I got the XL and it’s perfect. There is room to grow but I feel like someone from 150-220lbs could wear it easily. It’s very adjustable

This pic isn’t me, I haven’t taken a pic of myself wearing it yet. But you can see how it works really well in this pic.