DNA testing?!?

( I wasn’t sure what group to post this one but if there’s one someone believe that will help please lmk!)

So my partner & I have known each other for 8 years, been together for 4 of those years. Around the end of last year things were just falling out, we weren’t on the same page & it was just complicated. I also got pregnant around that same time, but because of the falling out, he refuses to believe it his.

This is my first pregnancy (he has a child from his last relationship) & it just upsets me that he thinks I would go cheat during our falling out time.

He wants to do a paternity test but I told him no since there no way in hell it’s someone else’s kid. I know we can do a dna test while I’m still pregnant but the facility I called said it’ll be $1500. I don’t want him to waste so much money on something that’s gonna say the same thing I’ve been saying but I don’t want to feel alone during my pregnancy bc he refuses to believe it’s his. I have heard that there’s those at home dna testing but is it as accurate? Is there a brand/type of testing anyone recommends? I just feel like this argument I’m having with him is so unnecessary & I don’t want to feel down all the time especially like I said that this is my first pregnancy...