My dogs won’t drink water inside 🤷🏼‍♀️


I have two labs - litter mate rescues. They are a little over a year old. Throughout the summer I kept a bowl of fresh water outside on the back patio so they always had cool water to drink when they were out. I also had a small plastic pool I filled every morning for them to play in that they would drink from. When it started getting colder out, I noticed they weren’t drinking from their water bowl inside. Didn’t think about it before then because we spend a ton of time outside (live on a small 15 acre “farm”) and I would always see them drinking plenty when we were outside, so it wasn’t a problem that the bowl inside was still full.

Well - weather continued to get colder, we got a bunch of snow, and it got too cold to have a bowl outside. They still will not drink from their bowl in the house. It’s a different type of bowl, so thought maybe they just didn’t like it and tried swapping it with the outside bowl. Still won’t drink from it. They would go outside and eat snow instead of drink their fresh water in the house.

One thing I thought is the fact that the outdoor hydrant does not go through our water softer so maybe they don’t like the soft water from the faucet? I don’t think that’s the issue because I tried melting snow in their bowl to see if they’d drink it and they wouldn’t. Our weather has warmed up enough this week to melt the snow (and can fill up their outdoor bowl) but next week it’s going to get cold again and then they won’t have the snow to eat so I’m a little worried. Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any advice on how I can get them to drink their water? They have an appointment next week for their annual check up and rabies vaccine, so I am going to ask the vet then. Just seeing if anyone has any insight.