Struggling with a kid

I had my baby girl a week ago and was hoping my ex( her father) would come by to see her for the first time. He wants nothing to do with her! He tried to pay for me to have an abortion when we found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, but my family said they would help us out and to not abort. At the time I was relieved because I wanted to keep the baby. But now my family won't help me at all. Im doing this all alone and im struggling. I can't even afford this baby and I don't know what im gonna do. Her dad wants to go to the court and do the paperwork to sign his rights away and so he doesn't get stuck paying for a kid he never wanted(his words). I looked up the laws in my state and he's right. He can sign over his rights and not have to help me with our baby. Im so devastated. I shouldn't have brung her into this world like this. Im only 17 and don't know what to do. Everyone who said they would be here for me lied. And all my friends really don't talk to me anymore since I said I was having a baby. I just don't see how he could hate my baby so much and do this to us. How can I make him come around and be happy about her? And before anyone says anything yes we did use protection. We used condoms and birth control but it failed