Sex Advice ?

Okay so me and my boyfriend who is now my ex were having sex .. his dad came home in the middle of it so he ended up getting soft . He did not know how to kiss me or finger me and even eattt me , so I was just so like not turned on , and then he proceeded to ask me for my phone , and watch PORN . NEXT . TO . Me . and i literally laid there and was so like awkward and embarrassed. We ended up having sex for an hr and he’d come to the point where he’d cum but it couldn’t come out. I wanna know if he was the reason why he couldn’t cum .. or if I was the reason why. I think about it a lot and it makes me insecure. This happened awhile back ago but I still think of it because I feel like .. it kinda scarred my sex life. After all or that my sex drives been so low and I don’t crave having any sex anymore. He was my second body and my first ex we had the greatest sex . Just not this second ex.