Pregnant on the Pill?

So I take tri sprintec consistently-I’ve been on it for about three years. I start the beginning of a new week every Sat.

On Feb 4th (Thurs) I took a pill unknowingly from the Thurs of week 2. Friday, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend-came inside. When I went to take my pill that night I realized my mistake. I took two pills -Thursday and Friday from week 1. I threw away that pack. And I started a new pack the next day but skipped ahead to the week I was supposed to be on so I wouldn’t be confused. I called my dr and she said I did what I was supposed to and didn’t need to use a back up method.

Now my period is a day late-was supposed to come yday. I tested yesterday and was (-). I’m currently on day 30 of this cycle and my period usually come on day 28 or 29. What do you guys think😭

23 and in grad school-not ready for a baby!