Spotting at 11dpo?


Random question for my fellow ttc-ers out there!

So this morning I’ve woken up to the tiniest streak of blood while wiping. It’s my first cycle ttc and I came off bc at the beginning of January, so things are only now getting back to normal. Ovulated I believe on Feb 14th according to CM, OPKs and ovulation cramps 😂

I’m confused whether this could be w sign of my period coming because it’s only 11dpo. Tests are all negative at the moment though I swear I can see the faintest of lines - pretty sure I’m imagining it though.

I’ve been having other symptoms since 9dpo though, including:

Heavy breasts


Extreme fatigue


Vivid dreams every day this week

I assumed they were signs of my period as that’s what I got on the pill but since they’re synthetic hormones I honestly have no idea. Anyone got any insight? Am fully expecting AF in full force today honestly 😂