Late period 37 days??

Hi guys, I need some advice please? I'm a 49 self employed wife and a mother of 3 kids. Since I have my period at 14, my cycle has been a regular 28 to 32 days. When I delivered my 3rd child on October 4, 2007, I was 36 years old by cesarean section, (my only boy). I was induced because of placenta previa, cord coil and 41 weeks gestational age (overdue) according to my Ob gynecologist. My post op hypertension started then and was advised for daily maintenance treatment. By 2010, I started my birth control Yaz pills with my amlodipine tablet taken daily. My period was still regular 3-5 max days. No untoward problems with my cycle. I stopped my Yaz pills and Amlodipine last November 2017. Still my period was normal and regular, but last December 22 to 26, 2020, that's my only last cycle. I'm feeling anxious of 2021, until now I'm 37 days late (so worried), I eat a lot this past weeks, my tummy feels bloated, and it gets bigger everyday. There's the feeling I'm too old to be pregnant now?? 😔My eldest is a 21 lady, the youngest boy is a 13 year old teen, and so embarrassed to think about it. Please tell me what to do first thing. I'm doubting if I'm ready for this. Or if I'm still capable of being a parent again.🙏. Thank you.