So I started talking to this guy on tinder and everything was great. We have a lot in common, he’s very respectful, he constantly asks if I’m comfortable and asks for my input. As we started talking we both agreed that we just want something casual because we’re both not ready for anything serious. When we met up in person, it was great. We hung out, watched tv together, cuddled and eventually had sex. I stayed the night by accident but he assured me that it was ok and that he preferred me staying over and leaving in the morning because it was safer than driving home at night anyways. We hung out again the following night. This time, I brought home made brownies and he brought me dinner from the restaurant he works at. We are, talked, watched tv, cuddles, have eachother massages and had more sex. That time I actually went home instead of staying the night. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with him and spending time with him but I found that I became jealous when he was still editing his tinder bio (meaning he still uses the app). I never brought it up to him because I don’t want to scare him away, but I like what we have and I wish it were more exclusive. I still don’t want to call him my bf or anything but idk. We officially labeled ourselves as fwb and this is my first time in this kind of relationship. Is it wrong for me to want to hang out with him more often even though he says he loves hanging out with me too? Will I scare him away by asking for rules and stuff? I like what we have but I just have no idea where this is going? I also fear i am being too attached and he’s just trying to be nice? Am I getting too attached? Is it wrong to ask if we could be exclusive? How do I go about everything ?