Freaking out about hCG level...

T 🌻

Okay so I should be around 6 weeks pregnant.

Monday my hCG was 6071.

Today (Wednesday) it was 8794.

They want me to go again for bloodwork on Friday.

I swear I read pretty much everywhere that after it hits 6000, it can 96 hours to double. I even read from fellow people on glow it takes longer to double after 6000.

The nurse I spoke to got nasty and was like "No that's not true?? where did you read that?? We tell people not to read stuff online so you don't get confused" (she had a "I know better than you" attitude).

This office has been super unhelpful in whether my levels are okay or not and with information in general. They haven't even set me up for my first appointment, just an ultrasound at 8 weeks so I still feel like I know absolutely nothing. So far it feels like they just keep sending me to get my arm pricked.

Is there hope or is this going to end badly?