Am I pregnant? Anxiety level 9999

My anxiety level is 9999 right now and I think I’m having a panic attack. 😣

I’ve been on birth control for one year now and I’ve been drinking them at the same time at everyday although sometimes I’m 30-50mins late.

I know this might sound stupid but I’m just gonna ask it anyway.

So the thing is I was with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago and we showered together and I noticed that his penis was erect the entire time and he had some egg white discharge coming out of his penis which I think was pre-cum. Anyways, he washed it with just water and no soap and he fingered me after. Is there a possibility that I’d get pregnant by that incident?

There was no penetrative sex or whatsoever it’s just that I know that he had pre-cum on his hands and he just washed it with water for like 2 seconds and then he fingered me.

I’m on my 4th day of my placebo pills. I usually get my period in between the 5th, 6th or 7th day of my placebo pill week and I’m afraid what if I don’t get my period this month? Should I take a pregnancy test? Can this incident make me pregnant?