HELP ME!!! Nauseous for 4 days straight, negative HPT.


I’m going crazy, SOMEONE tell me they’ve been through something similar. My cycles are 28 days EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The last time my period was late was when I came off birth control, they immediately regulated the next month. I’m on cycle day 30, no period yet. I’m 13 dpo, I ovulate CD 17 or 18 every month, so I don’t usually make it to 13 dpo without a period. I’ve been CONSTANTLY nauseous for 4 days now. Every pregnancy test is negative. I think I saw a faint faint faint line last night, but probably line eyes. I took a blood test two days ago, but still haven’t gotten results. I have no fever, nothing. NO other symptoms. I have tiny tiny tiny cramping that comes and goes here and there but definitely not constant like a period coming. I’m going crazy. I’m either pregnant or something is wrong with me. Not knowing is driving me insane. Has anyone been through anything like this?!? What was the outcome?