Sister staying till due date 🥴

Emilee • Currently expecting a little boy hand picked by my babies in heaven.

So my family lives in Dallas. My husband and I live in Sacramento. The plan was when I go into labor my sister will fly out on the next flight. She’s a teacher so we had her request the week after her spring break off giving us a good two week window for baby to come. She is off from the 8th-22nd. I’m due the 27th.

I had a false alarm on Friday night and had consistent contractions for four hours but they ended up stopping. I woke up to a text from her saying “surprise! I bought and we will be there tonight!”

I love my sister and we get along really well however this wasn’t wanted help. We are in an apartment right now as our house is being built. It’s only 1100 sqf. It’s a small space for four adults and a 4 year old. Not to mention I’m so tired! I don’t really feel like hosting. They are loud, constantly eating, and because she’s a teacher she thinks she’s an expert at parenting so she always gives advice. Mind you she has no children of her own lol

I’m just hormonal and was perfectly content with my isolated nest until I deliver and I feel totally invaded right now and there’s nothing I can do about.

Thanks for reading this far and letting me vent ✨