Pregnant “best friend”

So basically my best friend started seeing this guy a couple of months ago straight after coming out of a relationship with another guy and fell pregnant basically right away. I am trying so hard to not be bitter but I really feel like she’s rubbing her pregnancy in and hasn’t shown me any consideration. She messaged me to tell me she was pregnant all like guess what you’ll never believe what’s happened to me omg and I just knew and obviously said your pregnant and she was like yeah over the moon blah blah blah

Now this is my best friend keep in mind and she has seen me at my lowest through ttc for 4 years!! I am currently suffering from depression due to ttc 😢

So anyway... I basically just said like congrats and later that day mentioned I thought she could have told me the news in a different way but I’m here for her I’ll help out and her reply was “girl I’m soooooo sorry I totally forgot about that”

“That” being my infertility

I’ve kind of been distant since then for obvious reasons mainly I can’t even imagine what she was thinking but still liking her pregnancy posts and being supportive. So then she messages me out the blue to complain about how she can’t party when lockdowns done because she’s pregnant.

I am so fucking depressed, I am so tired, my body is letting me down the only thing I want in this world is the chance to be a mom. Anyone who knows me knows how desperate I am to fall pregnant and I just can’t believe she thinks I’m the person to moan about not being able to get drunk while your pregnant or maybe she FORGOT again!!!

Am I in the wrong here? Am I being too sensitive?