my boyfriend said somethig racist and i reacted

me and my boyfriend was sat on facetime and got talking about how being homophobic is not ok in any situation, then the topic changed to racism and my man made a racist gesure and word about chinese people, i said “dont do that its racist” and he went on to say “your not chinese so why do u care” so i went on to tell him its racist its not ok to do that idc if im not chinese, i care bcs racism is disgusting and makes u a disgusting person if you try and excuse it. he then went on and on with excuses why and mentioned about the chinese concentration camps, so i said well its not fair to be racist even in that situation as not everyone in china agrees with it and how there are chinese muslims in the camps. he then went silent for 10 minutes so then i was thinking he was just learning his lesson and having time to calm down, but no he came back all guns blazing again excusing why he said it onwhich i still didnt give in and kept saying he needs to grow up and how its not ok ans cannot be excused. after all that he starts saying ‘you just think im a disgusting racist pig, you think im childish, i never make you happy, you will probably find someone better then me snd he will make you happy, idk why ur still with me” so i told him that he either takes in the things i said about it being racist or i end the call and ofc he still went on to say “im usless blah blah blah” and then i ended the call. hes tried to call me 20 times since but i have ended each time. was i too harsh? how can i stop him from always saying ‘im usless, im a failure your probs gona move on straight away if i go” as it acc hurts my feelings and annoys me.