Can we still take dogs to dog parks?

I have a new dog, well she’s my boyfriends dog. And because she is like his actual child I’ve become really attached to her and ugh I just love her. It honestly has always made my heart melt seeing him love and care for another creature, even before we ever starting talking and dating.

He recently moved in with me and I am recently unemployed. I keep the house and take care of the dog and cook meals, and eventually have babies. I am MORE than happy do all of that. He is too. In his mind, his girl shouldn’t have to work. He never wants his kids in daycare and neither do I. Right now he’s building up his career and working a very well paying job and saving money to build a new house on an acre of land.

I take her outside to walk everyday. Get her some of that energy out. Shes 3 years old but has a lot of energy and she’s half my body weight and I know I sound like a Pansy flower but god she drags me so hard that it hurts, she doesn’t get that I’m literally 4’11 and dont even weigh 120 lbs. 60+60 is 120 and shes 60 lbs. HALF MY BODY WEIGHT, I have really short legs so it’s hard to keep up with her on that leash without being dragged.

I want to take her to the dog park at least every other day to let her run her butt off and socialize with every dog and I know nothing about the dog parks being shut down (I live in a red state and the red states are taking down covid restrictions so maybe I will be able to take her for a few good hours ans let her be the crazy dog she wants to be

And oh I’m not complaining about her. She’s not a bad dog, he has trained her really well but she’s still got these puppy vibes going on where she just has allloot of energy. She behaves herself, but you can tell. She wants to run free.

I just feel bad because I don’t have a back yard to let her go play in