Question .. job situation

So I’m currently 19 with a 2 year old & im pregnant. I work at a daycare & make $9.25 an hour & have to pay $85 a week for childcare.

This job is honestly exhausting & on top of it I’m in the same room as my child (which I love it don’t get me wrong) but it’s absolutely exhausting because he never listens to me. I love the kids but just being pregnant I’m having less and less patients.

My husband works from 9am - 6pm

My question is- would it even be possible for me to find a night shift job and just have my husband stay with him until I get back? My 2 year old sleeps from 930pm - 830am & takes about a 3 hour nap. My only problem is me having enough sleep. I just want to get out of working at a daycare but not having to pay for childcare & having my husband watch him.