Curious to when to test after miscarriage sorry for rambling.

Elba 👶🌈☁️👼🏻👨‍👩‍👦

I had a miscarriage last month February 16 estimated 5 weeks . I always had irregular period and trouble conceiving my first child. It took many years . My son is now 14 months old . Even tho it wasn’t planned, we still didn’t protect or prevent another pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant last month I was happy and scared and present it my fiancé with his Valentine gift. We didnt protect this month either . Not that we are trying but we be happy if we do get pregnant . So my question is it says I ovulated on the 6th and my period due the 19 of this month . I really want test so bad but I don’t know when to . I was extremely tired yesterday and this morning even having enough sleep and I was also lightheaded this morning and I rarely ever get lightheaded and I a dizzy spell at work yesterday . I feel these symptom are to early to be pregnancy symptoms but again how do I know ? So I want you opinion and wanted to know when was the earliest you ever tested for pregnancy after predicted ovulation and what result ? And when should I test and are these symptoms to soon .

Sorry again for all this rambling and question .

P.S I just recently stop breastfeeding.