Period after D&C?

So I had a D&C about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, I was supposed to be 9.5 wks but baby stopped growing at 8.

Post procedure I had a tiny bit of spotting for 2 days, then nothing for about a little more than a week. About a day shy of 2 weeks post procedure I started having brown spotting, for 2 days followed by 3 days of light red bleeding, just enough for a panty liner. I also had cramps and my usual sugar cravings and increased appetite that I get for my period pre pregnancy. Could this have been my period? It was fairly light but light periods are my norm, though not this light. It also seems really soon. We’re cleared to try after my first period soo if it was my period I don’t want to miss an opportunity, but I don’t want to have another miscarriage because I got pregnant too soon post D&C and didn’t let my lining thicken and things return to normal. I also feel a little dumb for not being able to tell if the bleeding is a period or not. Ugh this is so frustrating.

Any personal experience, words of advice or wisdom are appreciated.