Work out while pregnant.


Hey girl!! I am new to this app and this community so enfore I continue with my post congrats to all the mamas to be and the ones almost at the finish line ! ♥️🙏🏼

Do any of you work out while being pregnant? Lift? Cardio? CrossFit ? I am a gym rat. I work out about 3-5 times a week + cardio. I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago and I am now about to be 2 months. My fiancé and I couldn’t be happier but I need advice on this topic because I am so used to waking up and working out. It’s a bit hard when people tell me not to. In addition to all this, I keep a pretty healthy diet but I’m ALWAYS hungry lol.

Any tips or advice will help me a lot! Thank you all!!