Progesterone and Hcg levels


Hi! I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow 🌈 baby the first day of my missed period. I miscarried in July of last year due to low progesterone, so I got blood work right away. My initial hcg was 169 and progesterone was 15.2. Me second hcg 48 hrs later was 420 and progesterone was 11.6, so I was put on progesterone 200 mg twice a day. I am just so stressed, and trying to stay positive and not go down the dark rabbit hole. Has anyone else had this happen and had positive results? My first pregnancy was almost picture perfect, so this is really a new experience for me. It doesn’t help I am naturally an anxious person. Congratulations to everyone! I hope I can stay is this group 🀞🀞