Failed induction :((((((

They started me on Cytotec at 8am, I was 1cm dilated . Then at 12pm they started me on pitocin and at that time I was 1cm & 1/2. 70-80% effaced & soft. They checked me again around 2pm and was almost at 2cm. I pretty much stayed that way until 6pm. My OB came & checked me & told me that he thinks it’s best if I just go home & schedule another induction. Let my body rest for a minute. He stripped my membranes (this would be the 2nd time, I got it done last week also). He said when I come back in a couple days (Friday) that they’ll do a couple rounds of Cytotec & do the Foley bulb induction with the balloon thing. & do my waters. It was wild. I’m exhausted. My contractions were exhausting. I’m still getting some of them but I’m home now. Im hoping I go into labor on my own tonight 😕 but I doubt it’s likely since it took forever just to dilate half a cm.