Not feeling wanted in bed by your SO 😭

I guess I need to vent because honestly I’m in my feelings a bit. Me and my guy have been together for 11 months and he’s never been really big on s*x ... just who he is. But he used to try A LOT in the beginning .

Last time we had sex was the 20th of feb but I didn’t even get an orgasm... /: idk why

And before that was feb 14th which was amazing

Two nights in a row I’ve tried to get him to come over ... last night he did but just wanted to cuddle and talk to I didn’t push it. He said he’s come over tomorrow and make it up to me...

I got my adoreme box and it had some cute lingerie in it... so I took pics and sent them and he just says I like the red one better... that’s it. Ha I shaved and showered ... for him to say that he was tired from training and was going to bed ... so again... almost an entire month without getting the relief that I sooo desperately need and I’m turned down again ha .

I love this man but the lack of lovin is killing me as my drive is so so high... please help.

Also should add that I don’t like toys /:

It makes me feel unattractive and depressed that he doesn’t want that all the time with me like I do with him. Idk what to do 😭😭