wth do i do about my dog’s farts?!

My husband and I have a 2yo doberman with the WORST smelling farts. I’d honestly rather smell my daughter’s poopy diapers than smell my dog’s farts 🤢 We all sleep in the same room,, I have terrible paranoia and feel safer that she’s in the room with us and the baby in case anything were to happen but her farts are so smelly that not even leaving the window and door open can air the room out 😭 It’s not common for her to fart but when she does it’s TERRIBLE. tonight I took her outside to see if she had to poop,, stood outside in the cold with no sweater on for 30mins and nothing. my husband told me to just leave her outside but i feel terrible. but at the same time i don’t want my daughter breathing in her farts all night long 😭 unfortunately she’s a pretty crazy and destructive dog so we don’t trust her to roam around the house and we can’t leave her in the garage because there’s no space. my father built her a dog house and nailed her bed and blankets inside (because she kept dragging them out into the mud). am I a terrible dog owner for leaving her outside? WHAT DO I DO??