Do I have a right to say something about this. (think my husband was raped)

I haven't really been giving my input to my husband about this situation because it seems more between my husband and his friend. My husband had gotten black out drunk, woke up naked in the back of our car with his wrists bruised, torso, and between his legs all bruised. He said he may have cheated on me but he doesn't remember. Now he is saying he has these pieces of his memory but he wanted to ask his friend if it happened before he said anything. He remembers being in the back of his car and blacking out. Then he remembers saying owe and he saw one if his close friends on top of him holding his arms down. Then he blacked out again. He went to try to ask that friend about his memory and the thing with the messages between him and his friend... He didn't say yes... But he didn't say no... He said things like "I mean think about everything I've ever done for you. You decide if I did that." Telling him "I can't tell you what YOU remembered but think about it and think hard about everything I've done for you and if I would do that because that will say that kind of friend you are." Are something like that... Like if it didn't happen just say no. It all came off like gaslighting and my husband just said he guess he remembered wrong and apologized to HIM. I feel like I should say something because he's been so hung up on it. He's been friends with that guy for a long time. How he said everything just seemed weirdly phrased and gaslighting. Like just say no if you didn't do it. Don't play mind games and tell my husband to decide for himself if he had done that.