My mother in law is obsessed with my baby

I get to spend only nights with my baby. She keeps the baby for whole day. I hate it. She is treating my baby like her own baby and because she spends so much time with her, she claims to know my baby better and my baby also soothes in her arms. Hurts so bad. My husband isn't supporting on this and says if it was your mother would you say the same thing.

I live with my in laws. And with my parents I have the authority to ask for my baby back. But whenever I ask my mother in law for the baby her look is like I have asked for her baby.

She insists the baby calls her "badi maa" which loosely translates to " big mother " or "elder mother" or godmother .

It is so frustrating.

***Added after some readers asked this****

She likes to keep the baby close to her and gives her bath and feeds her formula when I am not around. My baby sleeps very easily with her. And I find it difficult to put her to sleep ( obvious as I don't spend as much as time with her ). She says the aura in our room is not good for the baby so the baby is always disturbed in our room.

One of the incident

the baby is crying because we were changing the diaper. she got so emotional that she took the baby mid way and started saying I will not let you cry don't worry. your parents are not taking right care of you. and what not. she is just so dominating. I hate it. And my husband keeps saying she is just joking. We talk like that only with kids"