1st IVF cycle fail


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for advice after my first fresh embryo transfer failed.

I’m terrified of it happening again, I’ve not felt like myself for years of TTC with no luck, to have <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> fail as well is like breaking an already broken person...! I had to leave work today in floods of tears because I can only imagine it failing again and how I might feel. Infertility is sucking all the life right out of me 😓

I’m 37 and although we have 3 frozen embryos 2 of them are day 6 blasts which I believe gives them a lesser chance of success. I’m worried that none of them are chromosomally normal but we’ll go through the torturous process of transferring them when they will most likely fail. Clinics in the UK don’t recommend doing PGS testing..

Sorry for all the negativity.. I’m on a downward spiral and just needed to vent my worries somewhere x x